Services Offered

Onipa offers an array of treatment services

Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessments review the consumer’s history and identify the strengths and concerns to determine the treatment needs.

Psychological Therapy and Counseling

In Specialty areas (see Specialty Areas)

Outpatient Therapy 

Adults, Adolescents, Children, Families, Couples and Groups

Psychological Evaluations and Testing 

Short-term Intensive In-Home Therapy

Many treatment issues are complex and involve the family unit.  Intensive in-home therapy provides a means to untangle the issues and bring of balance and order to the family.

Wrap-Around Community Support Services

Provide consumers with assistance to manage life’s challenges.  Wrap-Around Support Services include: Personal and Family Support Assistants

Team Support Services

Team support is a multi-service approach to treatment that is both intensive and comprehensive

Because ONIPA provides a wholistic approach to health and healing we continue to engage treatments and services to provide maximal benefit.

At ONIPA we address the whole person rather than the symptom. Illness and dis-order are states of mind.  We care enough about your well-being to help you restore order and balance to your life according to the healing principles of our ancestors

Mind, Body and Soul




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