More Than Just Therapy


Disease that affects the mind and body is generally caused by fear.  These fears have been introduced to us since childhood and continue throughout our lifetimes often leading to emotional, mental and physical illness. Your soul is the healer of mind and body.  With a greater focus on healing the soul/spirit you can achieve perfect health.  A good diet can assist to provide nutrients for the healing process.

By helping you recognize limitations hindering you from reaching your full potential, and by assisting you to eliminate energy blockages in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, you can be helped to…

Discover your inner voice

Reclaim your power.

Unleash your creativity.

Manifest your purpose.


At ONIPA we address the whole person rather than the symptom. Illness and dis-order are states of mind.  We care enough about your well-being to help you restore order and balance to your life according to the healing principles of our ancestors

Mind, Body and Soul




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