Addictions – Addictions are behaviors that can include illegal or legal drug use, smoking, over-eating, etc.  These compulsive behaviors may interfere with daily life functioning, health, thinking, and emotions.  You are more than a behavior.  We ca help you regain control of your whole self and improve the quality of your life.

Whatever your addiction, discover how you can break free and regain control of your life.

Many people from all walks of life are grappling with addictive behavior. In so much as AA and associated 12-step approaches to alcoholism have been useful to some, it is apparent one size does not fit all. Many choose to augment their recovery with additional tools such as hypnosis, while for others this will be their primary course of treatment.

How often have you read about, know of someone, or perhaps yourself, have been treated for an addiction, a recovering alcoholic for example, who has then turned to gambling or cocaine? This process of replacing one addiction for another is all too common.

Why is hypnotherapy so successful?

  • It reduces the stress and anxiety that leads to addiction
  • Helps prevent one addictive behavior being replaced by another
  • Gives you control with the use of self-hypnosis
  • Replaces the maladaptive behavior with one that is more appropriate,
  • Deals with the psychological aspects of addiction,
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem,
  • Provides Fast effective Freedom.

These fears have been introduced to us since childhood and continue throughout our lifetimes often leading to emotional, mental and physical illness. Your soul is the healer of mind and body. With a greater focus on healing the soul/spirit you can achieve perfect health. A good diet can assist to provide nutrients for the healing process.