• Attention and Concentration (See also ADHD) Concentration comes much easier for some people than for others. Some people who find concentration very hard and who have certain other symptoms get a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder. A good bit of evidence shows us that difficulties in concentration – like almost all other aspects of our personalities – have a hereditary component. People whose moms and dads had a hard time concentrating tend to have a hard time concentrating themselves. The fact that attention difficulties can be hereditary implies that there is something biological, located in our brains that makes concentration easier for some people and more difficult for others.

Some people take these facts and infer from them that attention problems can only be helped by medication. This inference is a serious error. Learning is a way of changing the biology of our brains, just as medication is. Every time we learn anything, our brains are physically changed by that learning. Sometimes that learning is even visible to the brain imaging methods available today. Skills training and other techniques can be used to assist with attention and concentration.