Adolescence can be conceptualized as a journey, a rite of passage, from childhood to adulthood. In parenting adolescents you serve as a critical guide.To guide a child to adulthood, to ingrain values, to help negotiate social relationships, and to see new ideas, ideals, goals, and independence emerge in a child can be the adventure of a lifetime.Like any adventure, the thrill is in the journey.

Challenges conqueredsweeten success, and while failure is in part unavoidable, no one can know how the balance of success and failure measures out until the journey is complete.As long as the journey continues, there is hope: a chance to turn failures into success, weaknesses to strengths. Like any adventure, the challenges are unique to each traveler.Even the same parent will experience different challenges as each child is guided through adolescence.

Because each journey is unique, there is no way to smooth all the bumps, anticipate all the challenges, or detonate all the land mines beforehand.However, there are aspects of the journey that appear to be universal. Although teenagers will make their own choices, a good home life can increase the odds that kids will avoid many of the pitfalls of adolescence.Particularly, a kind, warm, solid relationship with parents who demonstrate respect for their children, an interest in their children’s activities, and set firm boundaries for those activities may directly or indirectly deter criminal activity, illegal drugand alcoholuse, negative peer pressure, delinquency, sexual promiscuity, and low self-esteem.We attempt to open the doors of communication between parent/s and their teenage child.