Though television, entertainment, and social media attempt to distract and convince us nothing is wrong. The reality of being Black in america can be intensely stressful on a daily basis. Microaggressions, subtle racism, overt racism, glass ceilings on the job, while shopping add to an internalized feeling we sometimes don’t even know is there. Driving while Black, cooking out while Black, vending while Black, going to school while Black, eating while Black, drinking coffee while Black, shopping while Black, swimming while Black create a different type of reality. Whether you know it or not this alters the way you live and navigate your place in society.

The Painful Truth

If you are Black in America and you feel stress. That feeling is a normal reaction to this injustice. We are here to help you navigate how to best cope with these feelings.
If you are Black in America and you don’t think any of this affects you, you may be disallowing yourself to process how you are really feeling. This is called compartmentalizing. The consequences of knowingly or uncontrollably suppressing your feelings can lead to physical health issues, damaged relationships with loved ones, setbacks in life, and deeper problems.

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