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About Dr. Mawiyah Kambon

Expert Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Mawiyah Kambon is an internationally acclaimed psychologist & traditional healer. Through her practice and community outreach she is fulfilling her purpose to help Black people, in particular, find their greatness.

Additionally, Dr. Mawiyah Kambon is the executive director of the holistic psychology, health and healing practice, ONIPA. It is a counseling center which includes a guided meditation space and a movement therapy space. As a consultant she travels the country doing women’s and community healing, spiritual re connection, and holistic mind, body and spirit workshops. Over the last 40+ years she has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and families find their passion, purpose, and power one step at a time.

Moreover, Dr. Mawiyah Kambon is also a lifetime member and past national president of the National Association of Black Psychologists. In the year 2000 as  the national president of ABPsi  she facilitated the visit and conference of 500 Black psychologists and their families to Ghana West Africa. The focus during the ABPsi convention and experience in Ghana focused on spiritual reclamation through traditional healing. As a result, Black and African-centered psychologists were empowered with resources to improve more lives worldwide.

Community Elder

Dr. Mawiyah Kambon is also trained as a traditional healer of the Akan culture as Nana Efia Nsia Asantewaa She and her son Dr. Obadele Kwame Kambon have taken individuals to Ghana on an annual SankofaJourney for over two decades. She developed the Sankofa Journey because she recognizes how critical it is to embrace African identify as a foundation for cultural, spiritual and psychological healing of Black people.


About Onipa Psychological and Consulting Services & Dr. Kambon

Graduated with her Doctorate Degree from Duke University
Clinical Director of Wake County Child & Family Services
Opened up her private practice clinic
Elected the President of the National Association of Black Psychologist
Took 400 Black Psychologists to Ghana West Africa
Expanded practice to 14 staff members and clinicians
Onipa obtained its National Accreditation
Nominated and Became a Paragon Leader
Co-Founded BlackTherapyCentral.com
You came to Onipa.com
Dr. Kambon attended Duke University and Graduated with her Doctorate degree in 1990.
Dr. Kambon becomes the Clinical Director of Wake County Child and Family Services in Raleigh, NC.
Dr. Kambon opens Onipa Psychological and Consulting Services after recognizing that the Wake County programs did not address the unique issues for Black adults and children. The word “Onipa” means person in the Twi language of Ghana.
Dr. Kambon became the the elected president of the National Association of Black Psychologist
Dr. Kambon led more than 400 Black Psychologists and their families to Ghana, West Africa on a journey to reconnect with our African roots. The goal was to empower an army of professionals to help our people one mind at a time.
Onipa expands in staff size to serve more individuals, couples, and families in the community.
Onipa Psychological became independently nationally accredited by COA the Council on Accreditation.
Someone nominated Dr. Mawiyah Kambon to become a Paragon Leader. She won the nomination in 2018 from ParagonLeaders.com.
Dr. Kambon co-founded Black Therapy Central to help people find Afrikan-centered culturally-rooted therapy resources.
You started on your personal journey to heal mind, body, and spirit with the help of Onipa.


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