Counseling Psychologist, Educator, and Consultant

About Dr. Catherine Packer-Williams

Dr. Catherine Packer-Williams is passionate about helping members in communities that once shunned therapy to find their way to help and resources for better mental health and wellness. She offiers relatable solutions for people who typically feel disconnected from therapists who don’t understand their culture’s life experiences. Her love for preserving relationships, child well-being, and people pursuing personal growth fuels her therapeutic approach.

Anxiety, depression, mood disorders, behavioral issues, and relationship issues are some of the most often experienced challenges individuals face.

Dr. Catherine Packer Williams is a mental health advocate who is passionate about breaking the silence and ending the stigma about mental health. Her work aims to raise awareness about the importance of viewing mental health as just as important as physical health.

As a veteran educator as a former elementary school teacher, professional school counselor, professor, and post-secondary school administrator she is passionate about the education and overall well-being of students. She advocates for students by helping parents, school personnel, and community organizations on how to best accommodate the special needs of students and families.

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