The Black experience is unique. Your life experiences are unique. Therefore, you need mental health services that recognize your uniqueness and use traditional techniques to help you feel whole again. At Onipa, Dr. Mawiyah Kambon uses African-centered psychotherapy – counseling techniques to help you heal from trauma of mind, body & spirit. African-centered therapy and mental health services start with helping you listen to the beat of your

D.R.U.M. so you can…

Discover your inner voice.

Reclaim your power.

Unleash your creativity.

Manifest your purpose.

It all starts with the environment. We create a space so you can have a sensory experience. The lighting, music and aromatherapy help you relax. When you feel calmer, safer, and more comfortable, you can begin to release the issues. These are a meaningful part of the process to get to where you want to be.

Also, ask about our virtual guided meditation service & on-site relaxation space.

African-centered therapy and mental health services for the Black Community

African-Centered Therapy and Mental Health Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Confidentiality and Trust

Will people know my business? Won’t my psychologist tell? These are the two biggest reasons that scare people away from counseling but, trust and confidentiality are the heart of your counseling relationship.

By law therapists cannot reveal that you are a client to another party without your consent.* *(Unless court ordered) Psychologists would permanently lose their license to practice psychology for violation of the confidentiality law.

Beyond that, we have deep trust issues in the Black community. Sometimes these issues are childhood experiences. Sometimes these issues are due to  intergenerational trauma. Dr. Kambon’s therapeutic method begins with African-centered therapy and counseling founded on trust-building. Our goal is to help you feel confident moving forward together knowing your best interest is at the center of your healing plan.

Won't Talking About it Make it Worse?

“I’m hurt, angry, depressed, stressed, anxious, etc won’t talking about it make it worse? Shouldn’t I be strong enough to deal with it on my own?”

We all recognize that the deep physical wounds are considered a “trauma” require emergency room help by a skilled doctor or a surgeon.

In the same way, deep emotional wounds damage the spirit and call for the same level of skilled intervention. A doctorate in psychology gives foundational training to allow a psychologist to help you heal from spiritual trauma.

Members of the National Association of Black Psychologist also have a professional understanding that as a Black person in America, the issues we face are often in a context coupled with race and culture.

Why is cultural counseling and African-centered psychology important?
African-centered therapy and mental health services are the foundation of Dr. Kambon’s 30+ year practice. Here’s a statement from the National Association of Black Psychologists echoing the philosophy.
“Relying on the principles of harmony within the universe as a natural order of existence, Black/African centered psychology recognizes: the Spirit that permeates everything that is; the notion that everything in the universe is interconnected; the value that the collective is the most salient element of existence; and the idea that communal self knowledge is the key to mental health.
Black/African Centered psychology is ultimately concerned with understanding the systems of meaning of human beingness, the features of human functioning, and the restoration of normal/natural order to human development. As such, it is used to resolve personal and social problems and to promote optimal functioning.” Click here for the full article


Do you want to learn more about the African-centered therapy and mental health services Dr. Kambon uses? Visit the National Association of Black Pscyhologists website for more.

Not near our office? Learn how HIPAA-compliant teletherapy video sessions can help you from anywhere you are. Click here for details.