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How to bring up counseling?

Are you feeling like ‘one big happy family’ is not the description you’d associate with your family? You are not alone. In today’s world, technology, society, politics, the educational system and job environments bring bring a lot of pressure on each member of the family. When this happens sometimes your children are the first ones …

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black unity support

Four Things You Didn’t Know About ABPsi That Will Blow Your Mind

In 1968, a revolutionary group of black scholars came together to advocate for racial and economic equity in psychology. Their defiance led to the founding of the National Association of Black Psychologists, or ABPsi (ab-psy). ABPSi is now the most esteemed congregation of Black voices in psychology. Its 49th annual convention was held in Houston, …

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African-centered Black Psychologists for African Americans seeking therapy and mental health resources

Black Professionals Redefining comm

Whenever trouble hits the Black community someone always asks the question, “Where are the Black elite, celebrities, wealthy, and professionals? Why can’t they help?” One group of Black professionals has been helping in spades while quietly flying under the radar for 49 years. ABPsi, (pronounced (A. B. psy) the National Association of Black Psychologists, has …

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Black Marriage Counseling

Am I going crazy

On a daily basis, mainstream media is always awash with negativity about the black community. From extrajudicial killings of unarmed black men (inclusive of teenagers) to assaults on black churches and the dire neglect of black communities, blacks are constantly bombarded with a reminder on how the scales are tipped up against them. This is …

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