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Black Professionals Redefining comm

Whenever trouble hits the Black community someone always asks the question, “Where are the Black elite, celebrities, wealthy, and professionals? Why can’t they help?” One group of Black professionals has been helping in spades while quietly flying under the radar for 49 years.
ABPsi, (pronounced (A. B. psy) the National Association of Black Psychologists, has redefined how Black professionals, scholars and academics can also be warriors and activists and political advocates for our community.

UNPRECEDENTED SELF-DETERMINIATION – In a revolutionary act of defiance and self-determination ABPsi was founded by a group of frustrated academics and professionals who abhorred the institutionalized racism undergirding some of the therories propogated by the Americaltheir anger and tranformed it into scholarly brilliance. – because the American Psychological Association can’t and doesn’t address the holistic cultural spiritual psychological needs that black people in America have. Founders Wade Nobles.

2. In the year 2000, dr. Mawiyah Kambon as president, took 500 black psychologists and their families to Ghana West Africa for the annual conference in an unprecedented culturally and spiritually grounding experience where these practitioners went back to the origin of….slave dungeons in order to bring you as a black person from the diaspora through…. trained in ways to understand the black experience in a way no other professional Organization ever has. Today Dr. Kam

3. Other facts you may find on your own Dr. Asa Hilliard, Jawanza kunjufu, Dr. Francis cress welsing and living legends like ________________, Influences on millions of Black people,

4. We charge genocide

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